Monday 21 January 2019
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SUVs & Vans

Epoxy Logo offer SUVs & Vans

Epoxy Logo

SUVs & Vans - - CNY 10

With a striking 3D or bubble like aesthetic, dome stickers pop up and demand your attention. Perfect for special products, car windows and machinery, this products stands out that's for sure. Dome sti...

Crystal Epoxy Sticker offer SUVs & Vans

Crystal Epoxy Sticker

SUVs & Vans - - CNY 10

Our domed decals are screen-printed labels,Website:, using transparent inks on embossed areas, covered with a clear crystal imported resin coating, with a self adhesive back. ...

Epoxy Resin Sticker offer SUVs & Vans

Epoxy Resin Sticker

SUVs & Vans - - CNY 10

We digitally print using a high resolution 4 colour (CMYK) process to print all logos,Website:, text and background colours onto our products.Clear VinylBy default, when print...

Clear Epoxy Sticker offer SUVs & Vans

Clear Epoxy Sticker

SUVs & Vans - - CNY 10

The clear epoxy sticker can use in the buttons and cover some important information to protect them so that people can see the inside information clearly.Clear liquid polyurethane (urethane) is poured...

Epoxy Dome Stickers offer SUVs & Vans

Epoxy Dome Stickers

SUVs & Vans - - CNY 10

Epoxy Domed Stickers (also referred to by some as Domed Labels,Website:, Domed Badges, 3D Stickers or 3D Resin Badges, Gel Label Stickers, Bubble Sticker Labels, Polyurethane ...

Rotation Folding Cellphone Holder offer SUVs & Vans

Rotation Folding Cellphone Holder

SUVs & Vans - - CNY 10

Shen Zhen BoShen Eelectronic Co.,LTD which was manufacture of Cellphone holder ,Website:,Computer &pad stand ,mouse pad ,finger ring stand ,cufflink ,brooch ,tie clips ...ect...

Custom Flag Printing offer SUVs & Vans

Custom Flag Printing

SUVs & Vans - - CNY 10

We use Heat sublimation,Website:, with vivid colors and distinct layers, can indicate subtle adjacent color differences in detail;Its special colored tape contains a uniqu...

Custom Printed Flags offer SUVs & Vans

Custom Printed Flags

SUVs & Vans - - CNY 10

It is a new printing process,Website:, and the printing methods are divided into two parts: transfer film printing and transfer processing...

Custom Made Flags offer SUVs & Vans

Custom Made Flags

SUVs & Vans - - CNY 10

The first step of flag and fabric watermark is plating,Website:, followed by handwork printing, steaming in high temperature furnace, cleaning, airing and packaging for de...