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New York, Realtor - Stephen Sadatmand

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Stephen's typical customer is a first time home buyer wanting to understand the home buying process from obtaining a reasonable rate to being competitive in the marketplace when searching for a home. ...

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Homes For Rent In Belton TX

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Linnemann Realty offers an online listing of homes for rent in Belton, TX. They assist their customers in finding a rental that suits their need & budget. Also they provide an array of services such a...

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Devin McCrossan

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Devin McCrossan - A professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for real estate. Working with buyers and sellers using research and analysis of the Westchester, NY real estate market, to...

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Stephen Sadatmand

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Stephen Sadatmand has been in the mortgage business since 2005. He firmly believes that success lies in the level of service that you provide. And if you want more, you only have to bring more value t...